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What is Custom Fields?

Custom Fields is a powerful add-on application for your Shopify store that utilizes Shopify's Metafields. It enables admins to add structured data fields to things in Shopify, such as products, collections, orders, customers, and pages. With Custom Fields you are no longer restricted to a simple "body" field with a basic HTML editor; you can configure an unlimited number of fields, and choose from a whole bunch of useful field types.

Super Easy, One Click Installation

Confused by other complicated Metafield apps? Custom Fields installs in one click. We even generate easily editable templates on the fly for every field you create.  

One click installation for Custom Fields Shopify metafield app


What Can I do with Custom Fields?

At its core, Custom Fields is used for adding more information to things in Shopify. However, you can also use Custom Fields, with a little bit of liquid templating magic, to do a whole bunch of other things. You can modify page templates to hide/show various features based on a checkbox selection. You could have fields setup to control colors and other page elements. The possibilities are endless! Check out this introductory video that helps explain what Custom Fields is.



Custom Fields Has Every Type of Field You Need

Whether you need more specific production description fields, such as a way to store product sizes, colors, help manuals, tutorial videos, or if you need fields to store information like images, files, URLs, dates and times, etc, Custom Fields has the field type you need to customize your content.

* hover over each field type to learn more

Upload and edit images with the Custom Fields Image Editor
Upload any type of file, and restrict your file field to specific file types
Use the Custom Fields WYSIWYG editor to easily add HTML anywhere
A simple text field that you can set a max-length on
A restricted field that only supports numbers and can have a min and max value
A restricted field that only supports integers and can have a min and max value
Reference other products from Shopify store
Easily select dates from the popup calendar widget
A restricted field that only supports email addresses
Phone Numbers
A restricted field that only supports telephone numbers
A restricted field that only supports URLs
Create lists of items that can be enabled/disabled via checkboxes
Liquid Templates
Use our templates or define your own

Custom Fields has the Features You Need

Custom Fields is the most feature-rich metafields editor available for Shopify. Our simple import and export feature makes it very easy to update thousands of Custom Field values within the app. With our amazing support team (who get great reviews), you're never alone. Easily ask for help via chat, email, and phone support.

Add the Shopify Custom Fields Chrome extension to your browser to easily edit Custom Fields within the Shopify admin dashboard.

Bulk Export

Quickly and easily download all of your product, order, or customer data. This makes it super easy to update your custom fields using the Bulk Import feature.

Bulk Import

The easiest way to update Custom Fields for hundreds, and even thousands of products, orders, and customers at once.

Amazing Support

We provide email and phone support for customers just like you, every day. Our 5-star rating is a testament to our consistent, reliable support team.

14 Day Free Trial

We understand that you’ll want to ensure that Custom Fields is a perfect fit for your online store. Our 14 day free trial gives you enough time to experience all of Custom Field’s great features.

Chrome Extension

The easiest way to manage your Custom Fields is directly within Shopify. Our free Chrome extension makes it super easy. Just install and go.

Great Documentation

If “modifying liquid templates” sounds Greek to you, Custom Fields is your ideal app. We make it quick and easy to understand how to get your Custom Field data showing in your store.

See How Other Stores Are Using Custom Fields

With over 8000 fields created by Shopify store owners just like you, Custom Fields has the power and flexibility to help all kinds of stores. Whether you're selling a digital subscription, food products, t-shirts and mugs, or services, Custom Fields can enhance your store.

Custom Fields has a great UI and is easy to work with inside the Shopify admin because you never need to leave to go to an external site. All the different field types was also a big deal for us when we chose which app to use for custom data.
We are a health store and we need Custom Fields to display additional product information such as nutritional values, directions and ingredients of our products.
Custom Fields helped us add and manage key metafields for products. This enabled us to present more product information in the ways we wanted.
After testing five of the other top recommended apps none of them allowed you to easily narrow what you were exporting. Now that we have found the Custom Fields app we are saving hours of data entry time which ultimately will increase our revenue...
We tried several apps and custom fields was easy to use, compatible with translations and allowed us to create several custom fields.
Quick and easy way to add product descriptions such as detailed information about the product, style codes and colour.

Our Customers Love Custom Fields

Custom Fields has hundreds of users who use it everyday. Our perfect 5-star rating is a testament to our continued featured enhancements and support team.


Easy to use and we really recommend using it if you want to capture more customer information.


Easy to use, delivers what's expected, and very good customer support. I left an e-mail during business hours and they got back to me right away!

Dashing Diva Hq

The app itself is incredible, but the support is possibly more incredible. They walked me through a difficult customization step by step. I really couldn't be happier.

Osea Malibu

User-friendly, and quick responses from support for any questions

Crossfit Ecomm Test

Custom Fields Is a very nice addition to shopify, you can add excellent data to various parts of your shop and convert it to customers. Must Have !!!


Custom Fields is really a great app... The team behind Custom Fields is also awesome. I really appreciate that they helped me solve my problems.

Fanatics Books


Using Custom Fields During Your Shopify Trial

During your free Shopify trial, if you'd like to add any paid app, you must enter a credit card number into Shopify if you haven't already. If you try to install the Custom Fields app during the free Shopify trial, you'll be taken to a page in Shopify asking you to enter your credit card information. Custom Fields has nothing to do with this process and you will not be charged for our app until the end of the Custom Fields trial period.

You can work around this by setting up your store as a Development Store instead. You'll have to start from scratch with your Shopify setup, but the Custom Fields app is designed to support Development Stores. This means that you can set up Custom Fields exactly how you want it and take as long as you want to set it up without being charged for your Shopify store, or by Custom Fields! To learn more, visit https://help.shopify.com/partners/getting-started/development-stores

Where is my Data Stored?

Your field data, that is, the actual values you entered into the field for any product or other content, is stored in Shopify along with all of your other data. Specifically, the data is stored in Metafields, using a namespace particular to Custom Fields. This means that the values you enter into this app are available outside of the app, if you need them and have your own developers, using the Metafields API.

Your images added through this app are stored and served in an Amazon S3 bucket specific to this app. Amazon's S3 system is highly reliable and is widely used by enterprises.

Your field definitions are stored in the app. Definitions are just your settings for the field, like if it's an HTML field and what you called it. The app uses these definitions to create the forms you use in the app, like the dropdowns or WYSIWYG fields.

If, for any reason, the Custom Fields app "goes down" your data will not be lost and your customers and visitors will not be impacted. 

Common Billing Questions

Do you offer discounts for multiple stores or for Shopify Plus customers?

No, but the app can be used in Development Stores for free. 

Can you extend my trial?

We do not have any systems in place to change trial periods for individual customers. Consider using a Development Store to extend your trial indefinitely. Not all apps support Development Stores but Custom Fields does.

I get a refund?

Billing is entirely through Shopify. We have no means of granting refunds.

Can you cancel my account for me?

We cannot cancel accounts for customers. Shopify does not allow us access to do this for you. Instead, you'll need to handle this yourself. For help, check out Shopify's user guide, https://help.shopify.com/manual/apps/working-with-apps#uninstall-an-app

Can My Customers Enter Information into Custom Fields?

Currently, no. Only store administrators can modify custom field data.

Try Custom Fields Today with a Free 14 Day Trial

Our no-risk free trial is perfect for stores of all shapes and sizes. Stores that are still in development can use Custom Fields with no restrictions (you only pay when you upgrade your store). Cancel anytime!


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